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Monday June 17, 2002

Scientific calculator

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Information System EngineeringDuring the first semester, ASI3’s students have to realize a scientific calculator, where accuracy is specified by the user. Unfortunately, this project didn’t work. So the goal was to complete the implementation of this calculator.

You can download :

  • the sources [ ZIP ]
  • my presentation [ PPT ]
  • my report [ PDF ]


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Information System EngineeringProject : Quality in the freezing distribution

Each group had to realize an application of the course inside a company. We were waiting for some literature from Miko to build our form for his customers… As our contact was too busy, we have completed our subject with visiting customers. We have submitted them our questions. Fortunately, Davigel SA has accepted to help us for the following of our subject : Quality in the freezing distribution.

You can download our report : [ PDF ].


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Information System EngineeringProject : Motion measure with inductive technology

The project consisted in making a research and proposing a range of sensors, which can be employed to measure a motion. I was in charge of all sensors using inductive technology. Concerning the practical aspect of the project, we were supposed to equip a mechanical device.

You can download :

  • the presentation : [ PPT ]
  • the report : [ PDF ]


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Information System EngineeringProject : Principal Component Analysis

The project consists in a reading lips system to control a security door (for example). My group was in charge of developing Principal Component Analysis algorithm to compress the image of lips for the database. Our presentation, before the project, was common with the LDA algorithm group : [ PPT ].

Thanks to Ahmed Habbani, we have a PCA algorithm written in [ C ]. We have modified the algorithm : Our matrix in input has in colums the different level of gray of pgm image, and in line different image. Each coefficient of the matrix is a number, which represents how often a level is present in the image.

  • The final presentation : [ PPT ].
  • The final report : [ HTML ].

Software Engineering

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Information System EngineeringProject

Subject : The project consists in designing (and not developing) a software. The teacher plays the customer and the group of students the supplier. We have chosen to design a software which can be used by a nursery, which would like to know how much money, from differents organisms, they can get. We have proceeded to establish a series of screen, to present to the customer. We would like to know if we are on the same wave. Then we have identified the different use case, we have drawn a designing class diagram and a sequence diagram in UML formalism.

You can download the report we have transmitted for the other group which will develop what we have designed : [ PDF ].

You can download the presentation about our development of the docu project : [ PPT ].

Web Technology

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Information System EngineeringPractical Sessions

You can download report of the CGI Securisation practical session [ PDF ].

Project : A Bidding Website

The presentation of the work we have think we can do and we will do concerning our subject (Forum, FAQ, Statistics) : [ PPT ].

The final presentation and the report are online : [ PPT , PDF ].


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Information System EngineeringSubject : For the promotion, the project consists in realizing a database management system. My group is in charge of the query engine.

  • The grammar, established with Interface and SQL group, is downloadable : [ PDF ].
  • The communication functions designed and approuved by each group of the project : [ PDF ].
  • The abstract types, wanted by SQL group and designed by mine : [ PDF ].
  • The final presentation of our work is here : [ PPT ].
  • The final version of the grammar, at the end of the project is here : [ HTML ].
  • The report of our job on the database management system : [ PDF ].

Friday February 1, 2002

Integration Week

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Information System EngineeringProject : Laguna

Date : January the 28th – February the 1st
Subject : Each group of 4 to 6 students will work on the new platform of the department : Renault Laguna

My group was in charge of studying the bus CAN of the car, installing RT Linux and the driver ArbraCAN.You can download our presentation : [ PPT ].During this week, all students at INSA used to go skiing with teachers. Our department decided we would do this project instead…

Thursday January 17, 2002


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Information System EngineeringEnglish

You can download my essay about fiber-optics : [ PDF ]


You can download :

  • My presentation about the Cine-Campus : [ PDF ]
  • My translation about telework : [ PDF ]

ASI Website

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Information System EngineeringSubject : Next to the new website of INSA, we will have to change the look of the ASI website, to profit from the new tools. That’s why, a first model has already been realized, we will have to install it and add differents information and opportunities offered by the current site.

ASI Website : New Generation
You can download my report [ PDF ] and my presentation [ PPT ].

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