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Tuesday June 17, 2003

Student Union

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At INSA, I was in the Students Union and I have been in charge of / or take part in :

Friday January 17, 2003

Accounting Software

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Information System EngineeringThe Student Union was using a software, installed on each machine of the association. This software was designed under Window$ with Access 2000.The project consisted in designing and updating the software : It has been installed on one machine, with a PostgreSQL database. The Apache / Cocoon technology has been used to provide the same feature as the previous version and some extras, which appeared during the use of the software.

You can download :

  • The conceptual model of the database : [ PDF ]
  • The physical model of the database : [ PDF ]
  • The sql script for PostgreSQL to create the database structure : [ SQL ]
  • My files ( sitemap.xmap, cocoon.xconf, logicsheets, xsp, xml, xsl ) : [ TGZ ]

Monday June 17, 2002

Student Union Server

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Information System EngineeringThe project consisted in transferring the current website of the Student Union from the Meteo Station to a new machine. So, a survey had to be carried out to know the needs of each future user (club’s president) and then another one to know where to buy the most adapted machine. Then, I have installed and configured all the required services : MySQL, PostgreSQL, FTP, HTTP, SSH, SFTP & E-Mails servers. I have transferred the current website, updated it and administrated the machine for a year.

Student Union Website
You can download :

  • the presentation [ PDF ]
  • the report [ PDF ]

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