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Tuesday June 17, 2003

Network Diagnostic

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Information System EngineeringYou can download :

  • Lan Map Shot installation documentation : [ PDF ]
  • Inter Mapper installation documentation : [ PDF ]
  • 3Com Network Supervisor installation documentation : [ PDF ]

Useful links :

Wednesday July 17, 2002

INSA of Rouen

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Forum Haute Normandie

In 2002, during autumn, I was in charge of designing and realizing the web site of the Forum Haute Normandie.

This forum is organized by communication services of engineering schools of Normandy, and happened in ESIGELEC in 2002.

During this forum, students can personally help HR manager, which is a good means to establish a contact and find a training period.

Chemistry Dept Website

In 2002, from July the 1st to the 19th, I took part in installing the package of the new website of the Chemistry Department. This package was designed by the team of the SID (Dynamic Insa Website). During this project, I was in charge of realizing the administration part and WebCalendar.

Sunday June 17, 2001

National Institute of Applied Sciences

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The INSA of Rouen is a college of engineering with an integrated first cycle and 5 departments :

Memory : Merger : New incentives

Date : September 1999 – April 2000
Subject : The goal of the memory is to deal with a problem, that have to be solved or answered personally. The problem had to be treated in 20 pages at least and backed up by an oral presentation.
Report : [ HTML ]

Hygiene & Safety report

Date : February 2001 – June 2001
Subject : Differents subjects, concerning Hygiene and Safety at INSA, were proposed by different organizations in the school (Building, Student Union, Hygiene and Safety Council). Each group of 2 students had to work on their subject, work concluded by a report. Marion Vottier and I have chosen to study : How to organize a party at INSA : Alcohol
Report : [ HTML ]

Image Section

Date : February2001 – May 2001
Subject : Each group of student had to realize a web site. I have chosen to realize the one of my uncle’s company.
Result : [ ]

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