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Monday July 30, 2007

Ubuntu Live

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Ubuntu LiveI went to the Ubuntu Live last week-end. it was the first Ubuntu conferences, sponsored by Canonical. Beyond learning many things on the distribution, its future and the way it works, I met a lot of people, with whom I had great discussions.


Ubuntu drove GNU/Linux at a further step towards the needs of users, and so is its community. Folks tagging the open source world as a geek underground world should get their stereotypes updated. I guess the open source became mature in the mean time of its growing community. Some of you might be very surprised how speakers behaved on stage and managed their stress. We were very far from the anti-social stereotypes of open source contributors. This means that anyone can contribute to the movement with its abilities, one way or the other. So I stood up, and I started walking with few sentences translated in french on I guess next step would be to get my mother on Launchpad… :o)

I would like to thank Etienne Goyer. I had a great pleasure helping him to prepare its tutorial “LDAP in Ubuntu”. I think he did a very good job on stage and deserved all the pride ;o)

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