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Sunday April 17, 2005

Savoir-faire Linux

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Savoir-faire LinuxI had carried out my internship from May to October 2004 in Savoir-faire Linux Inc, Linux integrator in Montreal.

Project : LABE – LDAP Address Book Editor

Savoir-faire Linux Inc has been at the origin of the LABE Project (LDAP Address Book Editor) and I learnt a great deal participating to the development of this open-source project.

On May the 20th, I released the 3.3 version of LABE.

Project : Network Monitoring

Savoir-faire Linux Inc is responsible for hosting many websites and wants to know the bandwidth used by each one in a month. After studying SNMP, Ntop and Iptables, I have found a complete NetFlow solution using Fprobe and Flavio. You can download the report of my internship: [PDF] and the slides of my presentation : [PDF].

Trade shows

Savoir-faire Linux at the Linux World Expo in Toronto, ON – 2005, April 18th to 20th : [ HTML ]

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