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Wednesday April 27, 2011

Impact de Montréal vs Vancouver Whitecaps @ Stade Saputo

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Wednesday June 2, 2010

Milan AC vs Impact de Montréal : 4 – 1

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Saturday October 17, 2009

Finale de la USL : Impact de Montréal – Whitecaps de Vancouver : 3 – 1

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Saturday October 3, 2009

Demi-finale D4 : Victoire 3 – 1

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Saturday September 19, 2009

5 ans de l’ASUF Montréal

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Saturday July 25, 2009

Trophée des Champions Bordeaux – Guingamp : 2 – 0 @ The Olympic Stadium

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Friday February 29, 2008

Foot Savoir-faire Linux

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Sunday February 17, 2008

Le Stade Saputo et le Parc Maisonneuve

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Wednesday May 17, 2000


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I have played soccer since I was 7 in Sporting Club de Lamotte-Breuil, Cuise-Lamotte, France. I have played in all categories with the same players during 12 years. We used to lose in the championship because there was no team in a new category when we arrive. So every 2 years, we had to start from the far end of the Championship.During the Picardy and Oise’s Cup, we have done some great run : we have won against team that played in 3 or 4 divisions over us. Some teams laughed at us because we were smaller than them but at the end of each matches, they laughed much less… Sometimes (when i was 17), I had the opportunity to play with senior team and make tournament.

I left this club when I went studying in Rouen in 1999.

I have also played in the soccer team of my middle school and we went to the UGSEL Final Tournament in Lorient in 1994 with the 8 best teams of France. We have finished behind school with a soccer section : 7th.

When I arrived in Rouen, I played in Association Sportive de Mont Saint Aignan until I stopped because of study in May 2000. I go on playing with friends but I’ve never played in a club since this time…

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